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Family Portraits: Laughs, love, & a braid dipped in hot chocolate.

I love these images, because this family really forgot I was there and simply engaged with each other. Catching up, enjoying treats and lots of laughter. These images were taken at Leva a fantastic cafe in the Garneau area. Thanks Leva!

Thank-you for trusting me “W” family! Enjoy.

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Wow! A restaurant that’s serving ethically sourced meat.

I really liked this…

Watch this video about factory farming that Craig Elliott found. Hopefully it makes us all think a little longer and a little harder about eating factory farmed meat. Hopefully some of our own dearly beloved Edmonton eateries will declare their own plan to serve only non-factory farmed meat. You can help push your favourite restaurant in this direction by asking when they will be serving ethically sourced meat products.

If you must eat meat, here’s a resource for farms around Alberta that say they have better practices.