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New teacher at the Sattva School of Yoga Edmonton!

Say hello to Gillian Lemermeyer! She is a new teacher at The Sattva School of Yoga in Edmonton, Alberta. In April 2014 she graduated from the Sattva Teacher Training Program and is guiding the Sunday Noon hour beginner class. I was so honoured to capture my best friend as she starts the teaching journey. Obviously I’m proud of her, but honestly people, if you’re curious about Sattva or have been thinking about trying yoga…she’s the real deal. She embodies the wonderful practice of Sattva Yoga in every aspect of her life.

Gill Web27

Gill Web22

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Stella & Dot Stylist Headshots Edmonton

There may still be snow on the ground here in Edmonton, but it helps to see all the fresh new jewelry pieces, handbags, and scarves that Stella & Dot have launched for 2014! I had so much fun with stylist Debra King. She just happens to also be my sister, so any chance I get to hang out with her is fantastic. The Stella & Dot link above, takes you straight to her contact page if you have any questions or want to book a party with her.  Click on the link, to see more images and edits of the head shots.










Summer Garden Portraits


This little guy is getting so big!!!  See last years photography session we did at the end of summer.

We had so much fun watering the plants on the little terrace his mama & daddy converted into a sweet city garden. This space is a real testament to maximizing small spaces to their fullest. They had a variety of veggies growing and it was clear their child loved participating in taking care of his garden! This set of images was edited incorporating the lightroom preset called “colour washed medium purples” created by Rob & Lauren at Photography Concentrate.






Summer fun!

Summer is so fleeting in Edmonton, so it’s best to seize every moment outside when it’s sunny and warm.  I was super excited to be asked again by this family to capture the changes in their kids. Click here to see two years ago! I adore this family’s love of all things “bugs” and was so happy they brought along their nets to catch and study insects. We saw a dragonfly, a damsel fly, beetles and lady bugs! Thankfully not many mosquitos though. Here is the link to the gallery.




We Are Juxt Feature by Sunday Blues Edit

Sometimes you recieve an unexpected gift that just means the world!  I am so thrilled to have been chosen for a Juxt feature through the fantastic Sunday Blues Edit on Instagram.

Four gentlemen started the website and have done a lot of incredible work to promote mobile photography and bring awareness to the artform. I follow an artist on instagram who created a platform called “The sunday blues edit”  Her name is Rebecca @repinsk and she is a single mother of three who has suffered from depression for 24 years. Sunday was always a really difficult day for her for a variety of reasons…(please read her feature for The Sunday Blues edit on the Juxt website above) and in order to help her cope with her depression she invited instagrammers to post their own “sundayblues” offerings to the hashtag and at some point during the following week she would choose nine images that stood out from hundreds of entries and arrange them in a grid for viewing on her gallery. My work has been chosen before on these grids, and it always inspired me to create more.
Rebecca never knew that the hashtag would be so popular, and that others shared her sunday sorrows. Blues could be interpreted in anyway, with some artists submitting sad images, and some submitted blue toned creations or whatever they wanted to share. The important intention was that these artists could connect with each other, now people didn’t have to feel so alone on sundays. Rebecca has created a huge international community of mobile artists that submit their images for sundays. She also became so overwhelmed with viewing and choosing the sunday selections that she recruited another lovely artist named Izzy @elvisandme to help her manage and grow the platform.
Anyway, I’m honoured to have been choosen by these two fantastic artists and We Are Juxt.  Please have a look at the image they selected and my story.
This link below will give you the opportunity to see my entire gallery if you don’t have an instagram account.
My work can be printed too, but is limited to smaller sizes due to the lower resolution camera. If anything appeals I can help to size, price, and print the piece(s) you like.